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Product Design Lead with 8 years of experience working in the technology, advertising, and services industries. Skilled in user experience design, visual design, research, code prototyping, and creative problem-solving.


Most of my work I can't share or talk about online but I'm happy to share digital samples in person.

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Product Design Lead

Deloitte Digital
May 2018 – Present

Jess works in an agile product delivery model designing and leading UI and UX for mobile, web, wearables, voice, and AR. She leads teams through the discovery, design, and delivery of products.

  Senior Product Designer // May 2016–April 2018
  Product Designer // September 2015–April 2016

Visual Designer

May 2014 – July 2015

Jess focused on UI and UX for creating and maintaining design systems. She created code prototypes of her designs into responsive concepts for clients to interact with. She facilitated UX strategy, research, and design workshops with various clients.

Graphic Designer

LMO Advertising
February 2014 – May 2014

Jess was hired to bridge the print and web departments based upon her strong print background and web knowledge. Her job focused on translating print designs for the modern web and looking for creative ways for brands to become engaged in social outlets.

Senior Designer

hashtag sports // activ8social
July 2012 – February 2014

Jess was responsible for a wide range of UX, UI, branding, and development for social activations, event design, infographics, and web applications. She worked with developers to produce responsive designs built on a custom CMS.

Graphic Designer

Six Half Dozen
January 2011 – July 2012

The majority of Jess’ work was focused on print design, branding, and project management. She oversaw multiple accounts, interfaced with clients, and served as the design lead for several projects.

  Junior Graphic Designer // March 2010–August 2010

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